S, T & G's new Food Map

A new map made by the same company that has previously made an excellent Adventures Map, and also a Music Map of Great Britain (see some other recent blog posts)

This one is on the theme of Food (another topic that we explore with our Year 7s) and

Food, glorious food! Not so long ago, Britain was the butt of international jokes about the state of its cuisine. Now, strutting like a celebrity chef, Britain dines out on its remarkable transformation from small beer to big cheese, blending culinary tradition, modern global gastronomy... and copious tea.
Full-to-bursting with over 2,000 piping hot food and drink locations, with a generous drizzling of tasty trivia, this map will inspire foodie adventures all over. You bring the crackers, we’ll bring the cheese.

Map has arrived very promptly, and is excellent!