TMGeogIcons19 - my presentation

An early start this morning to head over to Birmingham for the 2nd TeachMeet GeographyIcons.  Organised by Gemma Collins and Victoria Hewett.

More to come on the presentations that I saw, and the event as a whole.
Here's my presentation for those who were there, and those who weren't...
I ran out of time a little, and didn't mention another few things:

- I blogged earlier in the week about the new Water Cycle diagrams produced and shared by another University of Birmingham led project. Let me know if you want a copy of them all.

- I forgot to mention the reasons why Leeds was chosen - Alex outlines those in some blog posts over on my OCR teaching blog.

- Was going to reference Dan, who talked about students' views on the value of textbooks for consolidation, but the greater value of teacher explanation.

- Also had a few Margaret Roberts things to mention... more on that in a future blog post...

And finally, I forgot to say that after all the effort to teach case studies, and keep them updated (within the constraints of the spec e.g. still says MDGs rather than SDGs) there are very few questions where they were included in some specs this year.

Here's my presentation. It's not the best quality, as Scribd was playing up. But if you want to view / download the proper version, go HERE instead.

Thanks to Victoria Hewett for the image of me in action....

Just to say that the fish and chips analogy refers to curriculum making, and how different teachers will do different things with the same ingredients, just as every fish and chip shop produces different outcomes from white fish and potatoes.

And please come along to my GA Conference in 2022.