UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher

Earlier this week, I became the 50th (ish) teacher in the UK to pass the accreditation process to be recognised by the United Nations as a climate change lead teacher.This involved taking a number of online courses, which involved interactive lessons, powerpoints, video, audio and PDF documents, and other materials to digest, before taking a series of online quizzes, which had a limited option for taking them, and a pass rate which had to be reached for each one. Some of them were more challenging than others, and I had a moment of slight panic when I failed the very final test, which meant I had just one more attempt to pass it in order to pass the course as a whole. After an introductory unit on Climate Change science, the accreditation involves five further modules which go into great, and very useful, detail on several aspects of climate change, which are:

- Cities and Climate Change
- Children and Climate Change
- Human Health and Climate Change
- Gender and Environment
- Climate Change International Legal Regime

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You will learn a huge amount, and gain confidence in exploring some of the key terms when describing climate change adaptations and mitigations, the process of agreements such as the Kyoto and COP meetings and other scientific evidence.

I'm proud to say that earlier this week, I was confirmed as a
UN-Accredited Climate Change Lead Teacher

I had some photos taken today for circulation to the local press, and will let you know as and when (and if) they end up being used.

To finish, Time for Geography have made and shared a very useful film on Climate Change here.
And Steve Brace's letter at the time when questions were being asked about Climate Change in the curriculum.