Climate Change Bundle from the GA

"Knowledge and understanding of the atmosphere and the relationship between humans and their environment are woven into every level of the school geography curriculum, from the primary phase to Post 16. These resources from the GA are intended to support the many teachers of geography who are committed to addressing the greatest challenge facing humankind in the 21st Century – Anthropogenic climate change."
Alan Kinder

The Geographical Association has put together a new bundle of six recent articles from journals on the theme of Climate Change.

This may be of interest particularly to those who don't normally subscribe to both of these journals (although it is well worth doing so if you are able to afford it from your departmental budget)

It's a convenient way to access a range of articles as a download at a low price.

Also check out a list of climate change resources - featuring a number of GA resources - compiled by Ben Ballin, who leads CPD events for the GA too.