ESRI UK UC #1 Plenary - Tom Crowther

"GIS technology will develop into a nervous system for our planet where we, on an ongoing basis, measure and encapsulate knowledge, share it, and respond to issues that people care about.... It will be a framework for communication, decision support, understanding geographic science, and educating our children."
Jack Dangermond, 2017

The first of a few posts on the ESRI UK User Conference which took place on May 21st 2019.
Apologies for the delay, but the end of term has got in the way of these.
And ESRI should be lowercase, but that wouldn't stand out as much if I put it like that.
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I've attended the ESRI User Conference several times, and this year it made sense for me to visit to find out some of the recent thinking on the use of GIS, particularly ESRI, and because it was on the way to an event I was attending the following day...

It's a chance to see what ESRI have released, and also to catch up with some friends.
And it's FREE (my favourite price)

There is breakfast available with juice, coffee and pastries. I started with that while talking with a former student who now teaches GIS at a Scottish University.

I also had the chance to catch up with David Morgan from the Field Studies Council.

The day starts with a plenary, which could be confusing for some. This has a series of sessions on new developments and uses of ESRI software, with thousands of people in attendance.
We got a seat fairly near the front, which is important to feel part of the experience. 

Tom Crowther of Crowther Lab was the standout session for me.

He discussed his work using citizen science and ESRI technology to calculate how many trees there were, and what their impact would be on the world.
Carbon storage is going to be a key weapon against the Climate Emergency.

Read an article about his plans here

Project Drawdown is a book that I have used before for my SAGT Conference presentation last year. It offers 100 solutions and suggests what impact each of them might have on global carbon.

The role of the restoration of ecosystems is an important one.

Check out the Crowther Lab Facebook page.

There were some other presentations, but this was the one that got me interested before we headed out for coffee and the other sessions.
More posts to come...