Lo and Behold - Reveries of the Connected World

Image result for lo and behold herzogLo and Behold is Werner Herzog's take on our connected world.
It starts on the campus of UCLA, in the room where the Internet began, and the first online message was sent.
October 29th 1969, 10.30pm - first Host to Host connection, with Stanford Research Institute
First message was supposed to be LOG, but the computer crashed on the third letter, and so it was:
Bob Kahn developed Internet Protocols (IP) for ARPANET.
Vint Cerf is also pictured. He collaborated with Kahn to develop the IPs.
There is some excellent archive footage of the early days of the internet.
He moves on to look at hyperlinking and robots, and driverless cars.
The dark side is also explored.
Elon Musk is interviewed about his work and visions for the future.

Available to watch on Netflix.