Marlo Garnsworthy's new children's book

You've probably seen lots of children's books in your time. They tend to feature characters who are anthropomorphised animals or other objects.
Marlo Garnsworthy's new book has quite a different lead character: an iceberg.

It's also been made to tie in with Polar research, and contains accurate explanations of ice formation and some cool words that you wouldn't normally find in a children's book.

It's available to download free of charge from the website in various formats.

It would go very well with the Ice Flows Game resources.

Description from the website
Inspired by Expedition 382, Iceberg Alley, Iceberg of Antarctica follows an iceberg’s formation and journey from snowfall, to ice stream grinding across the continent, to the iceberg’s calving, drifting, and eventual melting in the ocean. Through lyrical prose and watercolor illustrations, it explores what we can learn about melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from the debris icebergs leave behind.

Author and Illustrator, Marlo Garnsworthy, sailed as the Onboard Outreach Officer on Expedition 382: Iceberg Alley and Subantarctic Ice and Ocean Dynamics. Read Marlo’s blogs and view artwork from the expedition. Still interested in learning more about climate change, icebergs and Antarctica? You can find a list of expeditions, blogs, and classroom activities on the topic here:

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The resource is one of many resources which have been developed aboard the ship Joides Resolution, which has its own multimedia website. The ship takes voyages of scientific exploration into the waters around Antarctica. At the time of blogging, the current expedition is exploring the Circumpolar current.