New Leading Primary Geography Handbook

A new GA book is now available pre-order, edited by Tessa Willy.

It provides all the information that you need to lead on Primary Geography in your school, and ensure that the Geography is done well.

It includes contributions from many of the usual heavyweights of Primary Geography who are a guarantee of quality.

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Description of the book from the GA website.

Leading any subject well entails a combination of good subject and curriculum knowledge, vision, and development, management and leadership skills. If this sounds daunting, remember that all primary teachers face these challenges and juggle such complex demands to some degree every day. You can’t do everything, and you can’t do it overnight, but you can learn to identify and prioritise areas for development. Leading geography well is a collaborative act and there are many ways to contribute to effective leadership, so never underestimate the part you can play.

Designed to be the definitive guide for all primary geography leaders, class teachers and trainee teachers, this book offers:
  • a carefully considered approach to planning for, and delivering, outstanding geography across the primary age range, in and outside the classroom
  • a clear statement of what constitutes outstanding primary geography and a rationale for geography’s place in the primary curriculum.
The book is accompanied by online resources, including links to keep you up to date on the constant changes and developments in primary education and beyond, which combine with the book to offer lasting support.

It has been written by experienced leaders in the field of primary geography who understand the pressures facing teachers. They identify the techniques and pedagogies you need to meet the everyday demands of the classroom and suggest approaches that are flexible and adaptable to changing local and national curriculum requirements. Whether you are a subject leader, classroom teacher, student teacher or student educator, reference to, and familiarity with, this handbook will support your subject and pedagogical knowledge, and your understanding of geography’s importance and potential as a pivotal subject in the primary curriculum.