The art of noticing

I'm always intrigued as to the difference between the way we see familiar places and those that are new to us.
I've been familiar with a range of other guides for exploring the city differently, including the Misguides.
Over the Easter break, I had the great good fortune to visit New York for 6 days.
Although we had some places to get to we also had time for a bit of wandering, and I enjoyed one morning when I struck out alone to go on a pilgrimage to the Explorers' Club, and enjoyed a little wander.

Rob Walker has written an excellent piece on the idea of wandering in a strange city.
I have always taken the chance to do this, and have had the good fortune to be involved in a number of ERASMUS projects over the years, where I have had a day or so to myself ahead of, or after the meetings to explore the city.

This piece, and the associated practice links to other urban (and rural) explorers.
- Rebecca Solnit
- Keri Smith
- the Crabman
- the Misguides to Exeter and other places
- Mission:Explore (naturally)

William Cronon has written a nice piece on How to read a Landscape.

Image: Alan Parkinson - CC licensed - Godwick Church, Norfolk