Binns and Kinder

Image result for a case for geography binnsTony Binns was President of the GA in 1994. One of the many contributions that he made to the GA was to co-author 'A Case for Geography' which was a response to the then Secretary of State for Education's Keith Joseph's challenge to the geography community to state a case for a place in the curriculum. They met with Kenneth Baker, Joseph's successor, and presented this case.

In 1991, following sustained lobbying and advisory activity by the GA over several years, geography won its ‘place in the sun’ as a foundation subject at key stages 1, 2 and 3 in the first National Curriculum for England.

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He has just published a new article with Alan Kinder, and it is currently open access.

You can currently view it FREE ACCESS here.

Check out 'A Case for Geography'.