Cosmo Park - an amazing place

Came across this place some time ago, and the Guardian Cities column now has an excellent article on Cosmo Park. It's in Jakarta and is located, incredibly, on the roof of another building.
It is on the 10th storey of a shopping mall.

The image of Cosmo Park was apparently taken by Shahrir Bahar.

Known as parasitic architecture.

There are some good reasons why this might be a good idea.

The houses can be built at 40% below market price, he said, because there is no land to buy. Instead of exchanging money, he offers to improve other parts of the existing building during construction.

"Building on top of roofs is not only an ecological and economical solution, it’s working against the urban sprawl that kills the social link," he said.

In an earthquake zone, that might be less of a good idea.