Decolonising Geography - ongoing work

This is one of a number of posts in this area, as the geography community, and the Geographical Association starts to evaluate the extent to which anachronistic views on a number of issues are (re)presented, and committees and other groups have appropriate representation where possible.

Rachael Robinson
has been doing some work in this area. She has a blog called GeoTeach.

Start by checking out the post where Rachael outlines some areas that we need to consider, going back to July 2020.

Also worth remembering the many reasons why we are doing it as well. I liked the sentiment in this tweet.

There's also an opportunity to take part in an event by the East London Geography Hub (online) on the 15th of March.

We have also previously done work exploring the way that ethnic minorities are excluded from the British countryside, using the photography of Ingrid Pollard. Like all schools we are also looking closely at our curriculum and changing elements and updating others following an audit of topics and approaches, and significant omissions.

This article in The Guardian suggests that things may be changing, with walking groups being created and flourishing under lockdown.

Check out a few Twitter feeds to follow as well.

Anti-Racist Geography feed explores some of the areas that geographers should be considering and also provides new perspectives on familiar themes e.g. Factfulness reconsidered...

Keep an eye out for the Decolonising Geography website as well...