Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival

Every year when we head down to Devon we see posters for the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival. It always has a good line-up.
This year it is going online and sessions can be booked on this website and donations made to the festival to help keep it going.
As you can see there's a great line up of speakers once again, including several speakers on landscape and our relationship with the natural world including Simon Armitage, Raynor Winn, Jate Humble and Helen Macdonald. There's also Robert Winder on his new book on Soft Power, which looks useful for geographers, particularly given the changing status of the UK with its response to Covid-19 and a looming Brexit damaging its international reputation.

There are also several sessions on political situations which are geopolitics. Sarah Moss is also featured -she wrote an impressive book on her time in Iceland. Pragya Agarwal's 'Sway' has also been getting a lot of attention with regards to recent BlackLivesMatter protests.
Many people will also be excited to hear Hilary Mantel speak, and Michael Wood too on the Story of China.

Register here for access to the talks, some of which are only available live or for a limited time.