Covid-19 and the High St

A useful lecture by Professor David McEvoy last night. Also counted towards my CGeog CPD points.

Retail geography in Britain has changed constantly throughout history, but the triple impacts of the internet, Covid-19 and Brexit threaten unprecedented change, possibly irreversible.

Internet purchases jumped to 22.3% of all retail sales in March 2020 as national lockdown loomed. Over the next months, its growth accelerated even more but might since have declined. Will we return to the long-term trend or has Covid-19 permanently changed our shopping habits? The threat of a no-deal Brexit and its associated trade tariffs may destabilise any emerging balance. 
Whatever the impact on traditional retail formats, such as the high street, it is likely to be highly uneven.

Always worth keeping an eye out on the RGS website and social media for these events, which are free to attend usually.