Save Stanfords

"Since buying an armful of maps and 'Murray's Guide' at Stanford's in 1973 before setting off on my 'Great Railway Bazaar' journey, I have felt strongly that all serious travel starts at Stanfords...”

Paul Theroux, author and winner of the 2020 Edward Stanford Award for Outstanding Contribution to Travel Writing.

Stanfords is a geography and travel institution.

Generations of explorers and travellers have headed there for their maps for their trips: from the shops in a number of locations, particularly Long Acre, or the new premises close to Seven Dials in Mercer Street. They also have a shop in Bristol.

London in particular is currently empty of shoppers and Stanfords faces closure after over a century because of the decline in income over the last six months.

A crowdfunding campaign has started.

A number of rewards are available, starting at £10.

I've just supported the fundraiser.