SGHT Resource - now available to download

A year ago today, so Facebook tells me, I was near Stirling in Scotland, at Dollar Academy for the 2019 SAGT Conference. I've been going up for this event most years since 2004, although sadly, I won't be there this year. 

There is a virtual conference taking place next weekend, and for those who are interested in attending, the link can be seen here to register for the conference.

Details of the conference can also be seen here.

Our planned 50th celebration at the Pearce Institute in Glasgow had to be cancelled due to Covid 19 but the membership overwhelmingly voted to have a virtual conference instead. We hope today offers time to reflect on SAGT's 50 years and our Global Issues themes. We also hope there is a seminar to suit you but if you are spoilt for choice all presentations can be accessed post-event. This conference will be different for all of us and I'm sure we will miss the usual face-to-face networking but sit back, relax and enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee in the comfort of your own home

There were the usual stalls and exhibitors, but it was lovely to meet up with Alison Neil, and to present, with Val Vannet, on a resource I had been writing about the island of South Georgia. A lot has happened in South Georgia since then, and the SGHT has other new projects it is involved with.

Ernest the penguin and CEO Alison Neil are with Val Vannet and Alan Parkinson telling Scottish Geography teachers about...

Posted by South Georgia Heritage Trust on Saturday, 26 October 2019

The resources I worked on are now available on the South Georgia Heritage Trust's website.

Download them all from this page, free of charge.

Please let me know if you use them. 

Enjoy the conference if you are attending. I will be travelling at the time, so unable to attend this time, but I will be back next year.