Ten years ago today....

Facebook serving up some good memories today. One year ago today, I was wandering Edinburgh, visiting the National Museum to see Dolly the Sheep, heading up to the Castle and enjoying the First Class seat back south. Two years ago today I was at the V&A in Dundee and walking around Crombie Country Park with Val Vannet. Three years ago I was in Madrid, having an ERASMUS meeting in the warm Autumn sunshine and exploring the city ahead of a student mobility there. Eight years ago I was on the coast of Aberdeenshire at Dunnottar Castle, which inspired the castle in the Pixar film 'Brave' and then headed for a cafe on the docks in Stonehaven.

Ten years ago today, I was arriving in Iceland for the first time.

I wrote some posts for the LivingGeography blog (of course) at the time.

Somewhere is the memory card from my camera with all the images from the trip - I uploaded quite a few to Flickr but not all of them. On the first day we started at the Blue Lagoon before heading for the hotel for a briefing and some beers and a wander up into town and to Hallgrimskirkja as I couldn't just sit in the hotel in the evening doing nothing when I knew the city was out there...

Image: Blue Lagoon, Hipstamatic App, Alan Parkinson, shared under CC license. Taken 28.10.10