Why Study Geography? - more reasons here

​"​Passionate, humorous, informative, wide ranging, sensible, comprehensive, convincing! What more can I say ..... Why Study Geography? ​i​s a book for every geography department!​"​
Professor David Lambert

"This is a really impressive piece and I hope it gets into all school and university libraries! LOADS of great encouragement, and I hope it will tempt even the most hesitant student that geography can make a huge contribution to their, and our futures."
Gill Miller, Past President of the GA.

"A must read for all students considering studying geography at university or wondering whether a geography degree will get them a good job. I will be ensuring we have copies in the Individuals and Societies department, the school library and with the school's college counsellors."
Richard Allaway, GeographyalltheWay

I've been delighted by the response to my latest solo book, which has now been out for 2 full weeks. Thanks to those who have sent me pictures of the book when it arrived with them. Sorry to hear that one went missing in the post en route to Ireland, but hopefully another copy is on the way.

I know that copies have made their way safely to Turkish colleagues and also out to Toulouse in France very efficiently.

It's also being added to a growing range of international outlets - it comes out at the end of November in many other countries outside of the UK. Lovely to see it on the Barnes and Noble website for American colleagues as well.

Here's Amazon's Brazil website for example. 

Thanks also to Paul Baker, who told me that it has been added to the reading list for teachers doing their PGCE through Buckingham University School of Education. Paul has always supported my work and I am very grateful for that.

There are some useful additional quotes here from the RGS's piece for Ada Lovelace Day. The book contains some useful content.

I even got recommended the book by Amazon for myself.

I'll continue to post updates here to items which would have made it into the book if they were available at the time.
New on the RMetS page is a useful download of profiles of people who have made meteorology their career. Plenty of connections here with geography.

Oh, and Mark Enser really likes it too...

It's made its way to Portugal as well. Here's my friend Jaime with his copy:

Also check out another set of videos from the GTAV here.