A year like no other...

 Census year this year.... and it comes at the end of a year when the ONS has recorded huge changes.

Visual Capitalist has shared a number of visuals on the pandemic.

All these will be filtered into version 11 of the New PC Geographies document, which I am working on this week.

A final related story from the BBC explains how there has also been a change to the inflation basket of goods which is used to work out the rate of inflation by the ONS. This has been used for decades, and I often refer to it at some point in the year.

There is also a lot of detail on how lockdown has changed our lives in the i newspaper this weekend.

Danny Dorling has suggested that there are some issues with holding the Census this year and they should consider another one to account for the skewing of many trends this year.

Time to reflect at 12pm today, and to shine a light at 8pm as well.