Charney Manor Primary Geography Conference 2021

I spent a large part of last weekend at the Charney Manor Primary Geography Conference.

It was the 24th Charney conference, originally initiated by Rex Walford and Simon Catling.

There were some real personal highlights peppered through the few days of the conference, which was organised by Mel Norman, Sharon Witt and Steve Rawlinson.

  • Paula Owens talking a project 'Capturing Croydon'
  • Sharon Witt on fieldwork as wayfaring, and leading us on a drift
  • Elly Longthorn talking about her project 'Move the World', linking SDGs with daily exercise
  • Ben Mallon and Joe Usher exploring geography education and peacekeeping
  • Susan Pike launching a new Irish Sign Language glossary for Geography
  • Simon Catling's wonderful paper: 'Primary Geography is Dangerous'

I was pleased to have a contribution to make to the event: a brief summary of the work I've done on my GA Presidents blog project.

I shall be back in person, I hope, for the 25th Charney Conference, which will be in what is scheduled to be my own GA Presidential year.