Radical School Geography - launch event

Paul Turner has been in discussion with John Huckle and others for a while around themes of radical geography.

You may have heard the GeogPod they recorded with John Lyon of the GA recently - Episode #28

Today, they have launched a new project.

About this Event

Join us to democratically build an alternative vision of school geography.

Radical School Geography aims to push Geography’s critical edge and so support the development of a new and better society. Inspired by Marxist, socialist, anarchist, anti-racist, anti-colonial, feminist, queer, trans*, green, and postcolonial approaches to geographical thought and pedagogy. With far reaching implications for what and how we teach as well as how we assess outcomes.

Sessions will explore:

  • Why do we need an alternative?
  • What does this look like for content?
  • How can pedagogy be radical?
  • What about assessment?
  • What next?

During this launch event we will begin to discuss a manifesto for radical school geography. Please take the quiz "Am I a radical geography teacher?" to help inform the discussions.