GA Conference 2021 - #10 - Generous Geographers

I started my GA Conference this year by being on a panel called 'Generous Geographers'.

Thanks to Kit Rackley for the screengrab of the session as it was underway. I was joined by Simon Catling, Gemma Collins, Jen Monk, and we were chaired by Susan Pike.

I made a presentation just in case it was needed and here are the slides with some thanks and questions for some of the people who've helped me over the years.

The session will be available to view again (or for the first time if you chose to go to a different session) by all delegates registered on that day of the conference. I shall certainly blog here once those recordings become available.
 It will take a while to process, upload, tag and prepare / edit well over 100 hours of video recordings so please be patient.