GA Conference 2021 - #12 - Susan Pike's Presidential Lecture

How hard can it be to prepare and give a GA Presidential lecture? 

Well, very hard actually. The key thing is thinking what to include and what you therefore have to leave out... then there's the job of creating a structure and narrative and finally actually presenting it in front of hundreds of your peers as one of the highlights of conference - often with 300+ people in attendance in the largest lecture theatre available.

I had the privilege of introducing Susan Pike's Presidential Lecture for this year's conference.

It had the same title as the conference itself: "Compassionate Geographies".

Susan started by taking a moment to remember all those affected by COVID-19.

She referred to the work of other previous GA Presidents, such as Dr Alice Garnett.

Susan included all the elements of a classic Presidential lecture, including something of her own journey and career. Interestingly, she told us that a relative of hers: Samuel Shenton, was in fact the founder of the Flat Earth Society.... definitely an alternative geographical view. She used excellent visuals and explored different strands of her own research interests alongside GA activity and the work of students and colleagues. 

The session will be available to view again (or for the first time if you chose to go to a different session) by all delegates registered on that day of the conference. You should have had an email from Harriet with the details.