GA Conference 2021 - #19 - Day 3: Curriculum artefacts and 'Britishness'

Most of my Saturday was taken up by the Future Geographers strand, of which more to come later.

Orlaith Roche led an excellent session which I attended to start my day off. 

Orlaith can be followed on Twitter

She very clearly went through some work she has developed on teaching concepts such as 'Identity' and 'Britishness' through curriculum artefacts. I enjoyed the descriptions of her conversations with students around notions of identity and the power of revealing something about yourself to the students you teach when exploring difficult topics such as Britishness. She also used some excellent and unusual image choices to draw in students and open up discussions.

I'll have to hunt out those Bombardier / English Heritage images. It seems there was some furore when they changed their labels and removed reference to 'England' They date from 2010 it seems:

She explored a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah which I have also used in the past and is included in a scheme I am developing around the book 'Windrush Child'. I also have Benjamin on my list of people to contact to see if he may be able to support our conference programme for 2022. More on the Windrush work to come in a month or so once it has reached a point where I can share it.

Orlaith also referenced our work on the GeoCapabilities project and the work on curriculum artefacts in particular.

The session went down well with other delegates it seems:

You can (re)watch Orlaith's session if you were a delegate following the links provided by Harriet.