GA Conference 2021 - #22 - Future Geographers' Day

I will be catching up with most of Saturday's sessions remotely over the next few weeks as I was involved in the Future Geographers' Day.

This was set up as always for students rather than teachers. I have been along to see some of the previous sessions.

We started the day with the keynote by Dr. Sarah Mills, who is Reader in Human Geography at Loughborough University. She explored moral education: character, citizenship and values.

I introduced the speakers - the first of which was Alice Griffiths, who took us through a range of interesting techniques for exploring and collecting quantitative and qualitative data, including mapping tools and technology as well as some more traditional methods.

I led a session on 'Where can Geography take you'? This was based on my book 'Why Study Geography?' which can be purchased from a number of bookshops.

We then had Jennifer Johnston from the British Cartographic Society, who introduced the students to their Restless Earth workshop which is based on the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster of 2011.

The day ended with Amy Meek from the Kids against Plastics campaign. She engagingly led the students through the way that the campaign website had developed and her plans to highlight the issue of young people's activism and plastic in the environment. She also talked about the map app they had created to plot plastic which had been removed from the environment.

Was good to see some positive feedback.

You can also see their TedX talk here:

I shall publicise the Future Geographers strand of the 2022 Conference more as it takes shape, so don't miss out on the chance to get your students involved in the conference.