GA Conference 2021 - #25 - Next year

The final of 25 posts on the GA Conference 2021.

As this year's conference ended, thoughts turned to next year already.

This will be 'my' Presidential conference, which sounds strange to think it even though it's now 2 years since my name was revealed in Manchester as being the future Junior Vice President.

My theme is described on the GA website. It is Everyday Geographies - also 'Quotidian Geographies'.

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‘Little minds are interested in the extraordinary; great minds in the commonplace’
Elbert Hubbard

My theme for 2022 encourages exploration of everyday geographies. We are all living geography. Our diurnal routines connect us with places, people, environments and cultures. Repeated exposure means we sometimes forget how significant these are in shaping our identity and impacting the planetary emergency we all face.

Our quotidian experiences are both individual and shared. Speakers and delegates will be encouraged to revisit the stories of the commodities, cultures and landscapes that shape all our lives, unpicking the geographical connections behind them. In recent challenging times, some of those connections were temporarily severed or amended, and others deserve reassessment.

The 2022 Conference will be an occasion where we can once again come together and take the time to celebrate what makes us who we are: now and in the future, and explore how revealing the powerful hidden magic in these everyday stories can enrich our personal curriculum journeys.

Alan Parkinson, GA Vice President 2020-21

A reminder that if you are interested in getting involved in the next year's conference, the submission will open in May. Remember to link your proposal to the conference session.

Image: Alan Parkinson, shared under CC license