GA Conference 2021 - #8 - Exhibition 1

Once you log into the delegate space on our special GA website page for the GA Conference, you will see an image of the GA exhibition space with GA Help Desk.

Normally, this is echoing with conversation and the smell of coffee as delegates chat and use the time between lectures and workshops to browse the stands and get a free pen, enter a prize draw or get a good discount on new books and products. This year, the exhibition is also virtual, but you can navigate the exhibition space using the arrows to move in particular directions and locate the stalls.

A few of them have shared what they are offering in advance.

Go and have a chat with them and make them welcome.

ESRI UK have shared a link to their new revamped Teach with GIS area / hub.

The Ordnance Survey / EDINA are offering a free 30 day trial of their Digimap for Schools / DataNation Products. Head to the stand to speak to Darren Bailey.

Collins have a deal on their School Atlases as well for the duration of the conference.

Hodder Schools are offering a free copy of their KS3 Skills book written by David Gardner.

I know some delegates will be missing the free pens, but at least there won't be any queues for coffee and you don't have to cart them round for two days.

Disclaimer: I have received no kickbacks for this post... although I'm open to offers :)