New INDIA resources from GA Study Tour

One of the resources that has been shared on the GA website is a new set of ideas drawn from the GA's India Study Tour.

Study Tours have been organised by the GA for many years.

The theme of the 2019 study tour was ‘India – a changing place.’ The group ranged in age from 20-ish to 70-ish, each with very different backgrounds, hopes and aims. The tour involved travelling to very different regions and landscapes, urban and rural, meeting people from all backgrounds, having the opportunity to learn from them, question them, talk together. Initial ideas that pre-existed about India were examined, turned on their heads, and reformed. 
The main themes that the group examined were water security, contrasting localities, emerging cities, sustainable fashion, environmental conflicts and how rural and urban India are responding to the extraordinary change that the country is experiencing.

The tour was split into two halves, in two very different regions:
The southern section of the tour was in Karnataka – it looked at context of Bengaluru as an expanding city and at projects in rural areas and others around Mysore, including sugar cane production and silk farming.
The northern section of the tour was in Rajasthan – this visited the Dastkar Ranthambhore project, a case study of sustainable product development and production, and saw the work of WaterHarvest, an NGO working in Udaipur.

Check the resources out here.

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