New KS2 blog project

I've been working on a new project for the last few months, and now it has gone live.

I have been asked to work with my KS2 colleagues to refresh the KS2 curriculum for Y3-5 and provide some curriculum input

I will explore with my colleagues some of the new approaches and content that will be created over the next two years, as well as learning from their subject expertise, experience and skill in working with younger students. This will help to ensure that the work that is created is as geographical as possible, as well as making the most of the additional subject specialisms of colleagues, and the resources that we have, as well as being accessible to students while offering scope for stretch and challenge. I have looked at what is already taught, and also tried to cover the key areas of the National Curriculum, looked ahead to the next Key Stage and back to the previous one, and tried to add a little bit of a King's Ely 'touch' to what we do...

There is also the need to cover geographical skills, and offer chance for fieldwork and creative work along the way.
This is presented as a chance to press the RESET button.

My new blog to share the progress we make can be viewed here.

Follow this project through the next year as we put some flesh on the bones. I'll share the structure in a few days' time...
The end result will be three years worth of proper geography to bridge the gap between the Early Years and the preparation for, and start of KS3.