The Black Curriculum

Lavinya Stennett and others in the group have created the Black Curriculum website as a response to the need to decolonise the curriculum. This has been the focus for a great deal of activity, and also attention following the publication of the Sewell report.

From the website:

We are a social enterprise that aims to deliver black British history all across the UK. We run a variety of virtual and in-person programmes to schools, young people and corporations to promote the importance of Black history. We also have a curriculum and develop free and licensable resources for schools to teach students about Black history.

Our aim is to prepare students to become fully rounded citizens, ready for an increasingly globalised world. Our curriculum is grounded in the arts for young people to engage with history imaginatively, encouraging student satisfaction and critical thinking skills. Through our holistic approach, we aim to remedy a wider systemic issue.

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They also have some materials for sale as well as some free resources which can be downloaded for a number of topics including geographically related ones as well as those with a historical theme to them.

Check out their animations and podcasts - or support their Patreon.