Springwatch 2021

I lived in Snettisham, on the NW Norfolk coast for 12 years, moving into our house the week after my wife and I got married. We had our children there, and it was a lovely village for a young family: a beach within cycling distance, and Ken Hill woods out the back of the village where we could wander. Sandringham, Hunstanton, Bircham Windmill cream teas, country pubs, Titchwell bird reserve etc - I should work for the Norfolk tourist board.

 Image copyright: BBC - Springwatch presenting team.

This year the BBC's popular 'Springwatch' will come live from Ken Hill woods. They have been to Norfolk before, having been based at Pensthorpe (another place well worth a visit) previously. Wild Ken Hill is a farm where over 1000 hectares are being returned to nature, with a rewilding project including wetland formation.

The woods have a view across open fields towards the Wash and Lincolnshire beyond. I shall be watching. It was in a field nearby that the famous Snettisham gold torc was found.

The programme starts on the 25th of May.

Image: Alan Parkinson, shared under CC license