Stay Home Stories

Stay Home stories is a new project which is collecting children's maps of the lock down. It would make a very good project for the final part of this summer term, particularly if accompanied by some fieldwork. It would also link in nicely with this year's RGS-IBG Young Geographer of the Year theme.

For the Mapping Home strand pupils across Key Stages 2-4 are being invited to create and submit a map of their home. Your pupils’ maps will help us gain a better understanding of how children and young people’s experience of the home space may have changed during the COVID-19 restrictions, while at the same time helping to develop mapping skills and encouraging engagement with a sense of place.

Over the summer months the Stay Home Stories partners will select maps for an online gallery of submissions.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. There are packs of materials for primary and secondary schools to support teachers and their pupils available in the downloads box. Please read the accompany documents carefully before submitting any documents using the upload link that follows.

Museum of the Home invites everyone to participate in documenting your home lives during the pandemic, whether you live in a high rise flat, in a house with a garden, in sheltered, temporary or insecure housing. Perhaps you are a key worker, unable to stay at home, separated from your family or loved ones.

We are interested in how your use of the physical space has changed – whether, for example, your living room been transformed into a workplace, classroom and gym. We are interested, too, in how household tasks and caring responsibilities have changed during this period; how you have used technology at home; and how home has become a place for individual or collective creative pursuits such as baking, art or making music.

For some home may have felt like a refuge that has brought people closer. Many others have felt trapped, lonely or unsafe. In the first lockdown neighbours joined together for the Thursday night Clap for Carers and there have been other community initiatives, too, that we need to document.

Perhaps there are aspects of staying at home that you would like to hold onto when the virus has retreated?

I shall be involving my students in these projects.