Thomas Heatherwick on Cities

A piece in a recent weekend edition of the Guardian featured an interview with Thomas Heatherwick. He is a designer who was behind the Olympic Torch in London 2012.

He is behind a number of urban redevelopment projects.

These include Coal Drops Yard near King's Cross, and also a giant creation called 'The Vessel' at the recently opened Hudson Yards development in New York. Heatherwick has a studio near King's Cross and the developments that he has been involved in, which include the area's new Google HQ.

In 2019, I was also fortunate enough to visit New York and see and visit the Vessel which is very imposing and acts as a focal point for the development, which of course has not fared well during the lockdown.

“Many people are realising that they may hardly have to go anywhere ever again.” A consequence of that realisation – the conclusion of the enforced mass experiment of working and socialising and shopping from your kitchen table – will, he believes, cause “a lot of hard-nosed businessmen” to confront a question that has been fundamental to his own thinking ever since he set up in practice 27 years ago. “What might make people want to come to this place?”

I wonder what cities will be like as they recover from the closures of retail, cultural and industrial spaces. Heatherwick has been involved in a lot of urban developments.