Wellington Planning - ten years old

Ten years ago today, Noel Jenkins posted his blog on his Wellington Planning activity.

The idea was that young people were not involved in the planning process, but what would they request if they were, or what might they request? What places make a town special... would we miss them if they were gone? Do we trust official-looking notices? 

Noel created some realistic-looking planning notices, and placed them outside buildings around town.

Waitrose, for example.

Members of the public, this notice is to inform you that on the 12/5/2011 Waitrose will be renovated into a wonderful goat training centre and ostrich racing track. It will be helpful for all the Somerset farmers to help make their goats obedient.

Below that you can see people reading the planning notice from outside the Corn Hill Arcade, and the library was to become a chain nightclub called Okoko.

Roughly ten years ago, the phone started ringing at Noel's school.... the local papers took an interest too.