WeTwo - a chance to go to Antarctica

Team WeTwo are offering young people a chance to get to Antarctica.

Team WeTwo are Phoebe Smith and Dwayne Fields.

They were fellow 'OS Get Outside Champions' when I worked in that role between 2018 and 2020.

From the website:

They will be working with charitable and expert partners to select a group of young people to visit the White Continent with them on a specially chartered expedition ship in 2021. These underprivileged young people never in their wildest dreams believe that they will get to Antarctica, the same way that many believe Phoebe and Dwayne won’t be successful in their adventures. But Team #WeTwo are determined to do both, because in doing so they’re more than making dreams come true, they’re creating the next generation of ambassadors to care for our beautiful planet.

Before the young people go they will 'pay it forward' - not with cash but by committing to take part in initiatives close to home to improve their local area, explore and share with others the incredible nature and environment that's on their doorstep and plant enough trees to ensure that their trip to Antarctica will be 100% carbon negative.

By doing this the #WeTwo Foundation will be ensuring that the legacy of #WeTwo becomes #WeToo. We are not trying to re-write the achievements of explorers of the past - which we respect deeply, but we simply want to help diversify what so-far has been dominated by one 'type' of person. This will empower everyone to realise that they can achieve their goals no matter what and that, you can do so whilst also protecting nature for everyone.

You can nominate a young person using this form.