Climate of Hope

An article in Independent Education Today contains a useful article on the Climate of Hope.

Steve Wright introduces the article:

The climate crisis has steadily risen up the agenda for most of us in recent years and, in our various ways, we are all trying to help mitigate the effects of global warming. Among all of this increased awareness, it’s been widely noted that our young people are central – both as the generation who will be most affected by changes to our environment and, commendably, as one of the most engaged sections of society when it comes to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our younger generations are, and must continue to be, aware and active in the fight against climate change. But how much responsibility lies with our schools, for continuing to educate our children about climate change and the need for urgent action, and for modelling best sustainable practices? And, specifically, do independent schools have more of a responsibility to step up than state schools due to their better resources?

Following that, there are contributions from myself, Paul Turner and Claire Robinson, along with a mention by me for the work of David Alcock.

There's also a link through to the Geographical Association's resources, which are beginning to appear on the GA website, with more to come on COP26.

Don't forget that the GA's Worldwise Week is coming up soon.