Future Archaeology

A film by Paula Zuccotti based on her project 'Everything we Touch', which regular readers of the blog will know is one of my favourite books / activities around the everyday items we consume / touch / encounter, and what they reveal about us. 

I've used it as an activity with Y8 for some years, and even used it during lockdown.

Here's a trailer for the film. Paula describes herself as an industrial designer and ethnographer, who immerses herself in people's everyday lives.

This film looks excellent. I will have to work out how I might be able to get Paula to contribute to the 2022 GA Conference with its theme of 'Everyday Geographies'.

She also adapted her project for lockdown - more on that to come in another blog post....


Stephen Schwab. said…
Would be a wonderful [everyday] speaker for GA22. I loved the film.
Alan Parkinson said…
Indeed she would. Will work on it :) One of the favourite resources I use with my Year 8 groups and very closely linked with the theme.