GeogLive - Fieldwork edition

"Studying geography is so important for children, regardless of their age or stage of learning. Geography helps them to make sense of the world around them and piques their curiosity in places and people. Done well, it engages pupils in their world, often spurring them into action, and is fun!" 
(Ofsted, 2021)

The GeogLive! Team are busy planning the next GeogLive! event, which will be at 5-6pm on Wednesday 30th June. 

This is part of the activity of the GA's Early Years and Primary Phase Committee to support teachers who may or may not be GA members (but you need to be a GA member)

They have chosen to focus on fieldwork, prompted by Iain Freeland’s comments in the blog about geography in outstanding primary schools, and feedback from those who attended the first event. They will also, of course, be referring to the Research Report published by Ofsted yesterday. We will be using the same format as at our first GeogLive! event, as this worked well for us and provoked plenty of positive feedback from participants.

If you are able, and would like to join the event, then please do register through this link below.

A recording of the first event can be seen below: