Greenpeace: Monster

The Greenpeace Monster Education pack is for those teachers who want to explore the nature of our industrialised farming system.

Monster, the new Greenpeace animation, might feel familiar. That’s because it’s the sequel to Rang-Tan which highlighted the role of palm oil in deforestation.

Narrated by Narcos star Wagner Moura and designed by Cartoon Saloon, Monster tells the story of how industrial meat is wreaking havoc on forests across South America.

Industrially produced meat is the world’s largest cause of deforestation. Meat is big business, and companies are producing it on a scale that our planet simply can’t sustain. But if we switched to a more plant-based diet, we’d need a lot less land to grow our food.

The industrial meat industry deliberately starts forest fires to clear vast areas of trees in the Amazon rainforest and elsewhere. They use this land for cattle farms, and plantations growing food for billions of farm animals across the globe. In today’s world, it seems as if trees are worth more when they’re burned to the ground.