Turing Scheme - an opportunity for geographers?

The ERASMUS scheme was introduced to facilitate the meeting of educators from different EU countries. It has been doing that successfully for many years.

I have been involved in ERASMUS funded projects and events for around 13 years, and am currently involved in 2 projects on behalf of my school. Turing does not replace ERASMUS+ It is in no way a replacement and doesn't offer the same benefits. The claimed improvements are not going to result in the same opportunities for our students and teachers at the school where I teach.

Read the report on the Turing Scheme in a House of Commons Briefing Paper from February 2021.

Register your interest, and start thinking of possible projects. Once my ERASMUS projects are coming to a conclusion I will see what the scheme may be able to facilitate. Let me know if you use it to fund a geography related project.