The High House

A recent read is 'The High House' by Jess Greengrass. It is a powerful and affecting read, exploring the motivations and relationships of a small group of people who find themselves together in an 'ark' of a house which has been put together by an academic who realises that climate change tipping points have been reached, and she needs to protect her son.

The location of the High House is East Anglia and for me, there are elements in the description that remind me of a number of Norfolk locations, including Weybourne, Stiffkey, Morston, Salthouse and Cley.

As the world begins to close down, and familiar things come to an end, there are some certainties that remain, and the small group at the High House navigate a strange period which is essentially delaying the inevitable... and comes with its own guilt as well as some powerful moments. It's a compelling read, well structured with different narration and time jumps to build stories from different perspectives.

From a review:

Crisis slid from distant threat to imminent probability and we tuned it out like static

A stunning novel of the extraordinary and the everyday, The High House explores how we get used to change that once seemed unthinkable, how we place the needs of our families against the needs of others – and it asks us who, if we had to, we would save.

It's the best fiction book that I have read so far this year.