Atlas of the Invisible

I have this new book by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti and it's excellent.

Teaching materials are being created to go along with the book, written by Catherine Owen, Kit Rackley and Paul Turner.

The resources, which will be available and released in stages are designed to complement the Atlas of the Invisible so are best viewed alongside a copy of that.

The method of delivery includes worksheets, slides and videos, you are encouraged to pick, choose and edit the best bits for the year group you are teaching. The website content is also available in Google Docs to help you edit/ create your own versions as well as print and share in the classroom. Links are supplied at the top of each resource.

The content here is free to use and repurpose under a CC BY-NC license (images are Copyright Atlas of the Invisible). Please credit materials as ‘Atlas of the Invisible education resources available from‘.