Banksy in Cromer

Over the summer, the street artist Banksy went on a 'spraycation' in Norfolk and produced a new series of artworks.

Last weekend, I went to Cromer early to see the work that he had produced there on a concrete stretch of sea defence to the south of the town at the end of a promenade where there is a row of beach huts.

The image is shown above. It has been protected quite nicely with a layer of sealant, rather than covered with perspex behind which water could penetrate and damage the artwork.

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One of the works was added to a sea defence in Cromer.

The artwork, which sits on a sea defence below the high water mark, will eventually succumb to the coastal climate with stronger winter tides and natural erosion - but will now last longer for the public to view than if left untreated.

The message comments on second homes and the rise in house prices in North Norfolk, which is one of the core themes of the Council’s recently published Housing Strategy for 2021-25, which seeks to;
Increasing the supply of homes with the enough homes to meet the needs of local residents.
Improving housing conditions in the private sector – thereby reducing fuel poverty and helping to reduce carbon emissions.
Making the best use of existing homes – this includes ensuring affordable homes are allocated fairly and encouraging landlords to let homes for market rent.
Supporting vulnerable residents to live in their homes or to move to a home more suited to their needs.

Image: Alan Parkinson - shared under CC license