I remember....

“Je cherche en même temps l’éternel et l’éphémère”- Georges Perec

I am going to hopefully be running quite a few small side projects around my theme of Everyday Geographies through the coming months to extend the theme, and try to draw in some collaborative ideas as well. There won't necessarily be one every day, but I will certainly aim to do at least one a week to leave a legacy of ideas and resources for educators at different levels.

The latest is a project inspired by the work of Georges Perec
Perec is one of the key influences on my final choice of GA Presidential / Conference theme for 2021-2.

He wrote a series of books which all pushed the boundaries of the form and often dealt with the theme of loss. He wrote a book called 'A Void' or La disparition which was 300 pages long, but didn't contain a single letter 'e'. The translation, which achieves the same result was a real epic achievement...

One of Perec's fascination was in the everyday and the banal. He wrote a number of books which I have previously blogged about, and which can be both be located online. Search PEREC in the Search Bar.

I am interested in memories of your own school geography: at Primary or Secondary school. 
Please follow the link below to add a memory of your own time in the geography classroom as a student yourself. Think back to your school days to memorable fieldtrips, knowledge or things that went strangely right (or wrong).