CARICUK - Resources and guidance

There is a growing range of resources emerging from a number of groups who are working in the area of decolonising the discipline of geography and the curriculum. This has a number of different strands to it.

CARICUK is one of these projects. CARICUK: Creative Approaches to Race and In/security in the Caribbean and the UK is a year-long collaboration between artists and geography educators, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). It aims to transform discussions about race in UK higher education institutions, by redefining race as an in/security.

What is an in/security?

This is based on the model of Caribbean In/securities, which sees security and insecurity as perspectival and relational terms that people negotiate in their everyday lives and through creative means. Understanding race as an in/security in UK education means that education institutions and black communities will negotiate better outcomes between them, with listening and change on both sides. The implication of this is that CARICUK aims to push institutional race discourse beyond inclusion and deficits, and towards education institutions actively participating in anti-racist learning and institutional transformation.

There is a very useful summary of why this is important on the website, along with an excellent LEARNING PACK which is free to access.

Why Geography?

Geography is a key discipline through which to engage a range of overlapping publics – academics, educators, black communities, and arts practitioners – in thinking about race as one of a range of shared in/securities. In addition to its expertise around climate science, UK Geography is undertaking a slow and painful process of reflecting on the discipline’s historical and contemporary complicity in the explorations and exploitations that laid the groundwork for the racialised inequalities and global catastrophes that we now face. In particular, decades of calls to transform institutions and to promote anti-racist practice in secondary and higher education teaching and research are building towards an effective shift.