Paul Rose - Keele talk on the value of exploration

It's always worth listening to Paul Rose speak.

This talk is next Wednesday and is FREE. One to direct your students to perhaps.

We’ve never needed an 'explorers mindset' more than we do today!

The COVID pandemic, caused by our broken relationship with nature, provides a sharp focus on our values and a timely reminder that our health is dependent on everyone else’s health, which in turn is dependent on the health of our planet. Science has provided us with vaccines, but the only true vaccine against further pandemics is to re-address our relationship with nature. Three steps to do that are:

1. Protect what we have.
2. Restore what has been damaged.
3. Reset our values so that it doesn't happen again.

Big challenges indeed and the only way to approach them is with an enthusiastic explorers mindset.

I look forward to joining you for this lecture and to your insights and difficult questions!