SAGT Conference - my Presentation

This book from Cal Flyn came out in January 2021. I liked the sound of this book very much as soon I heard about it. It sounded like just my sort of thing.

Islands of Abandonment has the subtitle: Life in a Post-Human landscape.

It's about the ecology and psychology of abandoned places...

From the publisher's website:

A heavily fortified island which, since the end of the war, has been left to crumble and decay. An exclusion zone thrown up around the smouldering ruin of a nuclear reactor; the surrounding villages emptied and the forests scorched. A dwindling sea, upon whose deserted shoreline a beach has been formed of the scales and bones of fish killed by its toxic waters. A clearing in the woods so poisoned with arsenic that no trees can grow there. A no-man’s land between razor wire fences where jet planes rust on the runway after three decade’s neglect. These are the islands of abandonment.

Cal will travel to some of the eeriest and most desolate places on Earth, places which have been forgotten or neglected through war, disaster, disease or economic decay and which nature has taken gradual hold of once more.

Cal has now worked on a website to accompany the book

I based my session at the recent Scottish Association of Geography Teachers' Conference on Cal's Book, with  few inputs from others - it was very literature based with a number of books being mentioned as well as filleted for extracts.