Don't look up... or rather, do look up

This film appeared on streaming services just ahead of Christmas 2021, and has been getting a great deal of attention in the media, including social media.

A review on the BFI website outlines the main messages of the film. I watched it last night.

The film is an allegory for the way that scientists have been ignored over their warnings about climate change. It has a stellar cast and falls into the cateogory of disaster movie I suppose - fertile territory for geography lessons. I shall return to the idea of 'disastrous movies' which are not geographically accurate in a future blog post.

Here's the trailer for the film:

And some related advice.

The film has a lot of sweary language and a bit of nudity too. It's a little exagerrated in places (one hopes) and I particularly liked Mark Rylance's creepy technology CEO who saw the economic potential in the comet even as it was getting closer to Earth, and Ron Perlman's 'saviour' character. 

Stay to the end of the pre-credits as well. Recommended.

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