Endurance 2022 and a new Met Office video

Today is the centenary of the death of 'The Boss': Sir Ernest Shackleton back in 1922.

One of the greatest survival stories in history involved the rescue of the crew of 'Endurance' after the ship sank in the ice during the Trans Antarctic Expedition he was leading. Shackleton led a march on the sea ice, a boat journey to Elephant Island, and then a trip in the James Caird through stormy seas which were peerlessly navigated by Frank Worsley, before an unprecedented first crossing  of the mountain range on South Georgia.

An expedition is heading off once again this year to try to locate the Endurance, using coordinates which were calculated for the location of the ship before it sank.

Check out the existing RGS-IBG Module.

I will be keeping my eye on the progress of this expedition.