Jarvis and the everyday

There’s something really beautiful about using your life as raw material and making it into something that, if you do it right, it’s like a thing that’s there for ever and people can access it and it will do something for them.

Parts of today's Observer newspaper have been specially curated by Jarvis Cocker.

I met him a few years ago in St. Pancras Station. I've seen him quite a few times heading to or from the Eurostar check-in with guitars and other luggage.

The newspaper has an interview with Jarvis by Olivia Laing and there are plenty of mentions of the importance of the quotidian and the everyday in influencing his music, and that of others.

He has a new book coming out later this month about his start in music and the influences of the everyday. It sounds similar to the work of Jonathan Meades.

I'm currently reading Jude Rogers' 'the sound of being human' which is also about the importance of music in shaping our lives and personalities and connecting us with the past. I'm looking forward to reading this.